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Food as Product: Lover Come Back (1961)

This is my second post for the Food in Film Blogathon hosted by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings, this time focusing on the Doris Day and Rock Hudson film Lover Come Back.

Be Our Guest: An Alphabet of Food in Disney Animated Classics

This post is part of the Food in Film Blogathon hosted by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings. This is my first blogathon and I'm so excited to be participating!

October 2017 Recap

As I mentioned in my last post, October has been a busy month. Lots of shifts at work, lots of classes and schoolwork . . . It's all been pretty overwhelming, and I'm definitely looking ahead to December when I'll have a break. From the school part, at least--the number of shifts is definitely not going to improve in the wake of Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out! Despite the busyness, I did watch a good number of films this month--38, the exact same number as in September, actually--and a lot of them were quite good. I didn't watch as much horror as I would have liked, but I did manage to finish off Val Lewton's horror filmography, and I watched two of the big horror releases of 2017, all of which I enjoyed and got me suitably in the mood for the holiday. I also re-watched some great movies in my film class, Pan's Labyrinth and Blue Velvet, both of which--while not exactly horror--felt appropriate to the season. All in all, a good month for movies.