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5 to 7 & While We're Young

These are both films from this year that didn't get a lot of positive attention (or in 5 to 7's case, any attention?), but their premises intrigued me enough to check them out when I saw they were on Netflix. They're both far more charming and enjoyable than they have any right to be, but they each fall into traps-some different, some the same, all tired and cliche-that keeps them from being something truly special. Keep in mind I'll be discussing the endings of both films, so proceed with caution if you haven't seen them yet!

American Horror Story Part 2

And now it's time for the second half of my adventures with American Horror Story. Unfortunately, I do agree with the majority in that this show goes downhill with every season. I still have hopes for Hotel, maybe it can finally get things back on track, but I really don't have many good things to say about Coven and Freak Show.

October 2015 Recap

Happy Halloween!! October didn't quite work out the way I expected. I wanted to work through my backlog of unseen horror films, but a lot of non-horror films were expiring off of Shomi this month so I had to get to those first, and combined with watching through American Horror Story, I only got in a couple of scary movies. And overall, I was once again disappointed with the films I saw this month. I was feeling pretty burned out on films and even the ones I knew were good on a technical level, well, I just couldn't get into them. But I couldn't really give myself a break because so many films I wanted to see were expiring. So, I hope you had a happy Halloween, and keep reading to see how my October went.